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Karina Halle’s The One That Got Away Cover, Blurb and Release Date Reveal

Thank you to Karina Halle and Social Butterfly PR for the opportunity to be apart of the team revealing the cover for Karina’s newest novel, The One That Got Away. The story releases on April 2nd!

So after a year off of posting cover reveals I have decided to pick the practice back up again. Maybe it’s because this cover is really hot and I could not resist sharing it with you guys!

Now here is the cover reveal…

Here is the full cover…

Here is the synopsis…

“Ruby Turner was never meant to be mine.

When I first met her, she was a fresh, young, American sports journalist trying to find her footing in a new life abroad. She was the one interviewing me for an article, yet I wanted to know more about her. She captivated me.

But she went home with Marco that night.

My agent.

My brother.

And I did what I could to pretend I was fine with it.

After all, I’m Luciano Ribeiro. As the captain of Real Madrid, and Portugal’s National Team, it’s my job to be cool, calm, and collected, not easily rattled.

Only what I felt for Ruby over time, shook me to my very core.

It made me do things I never imagined I would do.

It started with a stolen kiss in the middle of the night.

It led to a passionate tryst.

It created a burden of guilt that I had to carry, as Ruby came in and out of my life until she left for good, leaving her mark on me.

Now, seven years later, she’s back.

She was the one that got away.

I don’t think I’ll let her go this time.

But I might not have a choice.

Because my heart still belongs to her.

And her heart might belong to my brother.”

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Thank you to Social Butterfly PR and Karina Halle for the opportunity to reveal the cover. Thank you for reading and supporting my blog.

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