• Process Posts,  Pub 101

    Week 2 Process Post: Blog Updating and Goals

    I relaunched this blog about six months ago, but as of two weeks ago, it is going through yet another relaunch of sorts. In purchasing my domain I have been able to shape this blog into more of what I have always imagined it to be. These last couple weeks have also allowed me to re-evaluate why I am creating this content in the first place. I was brought back to my inspirations specifically the first book blog I ever subscribed to, TMI Source and the first New Adult book blog I ever followed religiously, Aestas Book Blog. Looking more closely at these blogs I was able to see how I…

  • Process Posts,  Pub 101

    Week 1 Process Post: Stranger Encounter

    If you were to look at my online presence, from this blog to my twitter feed to my Goodreads profile it becomes quite obvious that I am a passionate fan of New Adult books. The books that fall between the angsty teen protagonists of Young Adult and the full-fledged adult books riddled with characters that already have it all put together. New Adult characters have problems that surpass the often trivial problems of the high schoolers of YA, NA predicaments are real-world ones. The characters are dealing with long-term relationships, moving to new cities, holding down their first “adult” job. Try to explain this to someone after they ask you…