• Peer Reviews,  Pub 101

    Peer Review #3: Train, Eat, Sleep, Repeat: An Exploration of the Fitness Lifestyle

    Train, Eat, Sleep, Repeat: An Exploration of the Fitness Lifestyle follows Chris Pham and his fitness goals and journey. Content Chris mentions that he is not an expert specifically saying that he is not “a personal trainer or gym expert.” Due to the effect of minimizing authority that John Suler explains in his piece The Online Disinhibition Effect, it does not matter that Chris is not an expert as the internet minimizes the authority of an expert and further validates the personal accounts Chris provides. The content Chris produces is well informed, his use of hyperlinks is superb. Looking at the posts from a reader’s perspective, someone who does not frequent a gym, but…

  • Peer Reviews,  Pub 101

    Peer Review #2: Grace in Adulting: True Tales of a Clueless Adult

    Grace in Adulting follows Grace Mavko, the blog’s creator as she stumbles through the beginning of adulthood. In Tara Chittenden’s Digital Dressing Up: Modelling Female Teen Identity in the Discursive Spaces of the Fashion Blogosphere, she refers to blogs as, “online diaries.” From looking through and reading Grace’s blog it reads like I am receiving insight into what she would write in a diary. I love the persona she has built, how she is open about her struggles, and who she is on such a public platform. This second peer review is geared toward design choices though, so I will depart from talking about content. In terms of Grace’s themes and customization,…

  • Peer Reviews,  Pub 101

    Peer Review #1: Explore: An Industry Voice

    Explore: An Industry Voice is a blog that reviews hotels. Doug, the blog’s content creator has a few years of experience working in the hotel industry and through this blog is applying his expertise in the reviews he is pending. Central to this first peer review is the creation of Online Self. Doug’s about section can be found in the menu bar and is quite simple. In order to build an online self, I really think Doug would benefit from updating his about section. Either, if you plan to keep it short and sweet build it into the home page instead, I would suggest also adding social media handles somewhere…