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    Process Post Week 2: Revelations from my Business Canvas

    This week sitting down and working on my business canvas revealed to me how much I rely on my “key partners” to help me blog each week. I could not do what I do without the PR companies that I work with, InkSlingerPR and SocialButterflyPR. Both companies provide me with the opportunities to review and reveal on my blog. Through sending out newsletters with signups on almost a daily basis I never miss an opportunity. These companies provide me with graphics and teasers that elevate each blog post and make my blog more eye-catching. Naturally the authors themselves are key partners as well. In some cases such as with Nicole…

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    Process Post Week 1: Blog Reflections and Goals

    Starting off the new year just a week ago means that I am still in a place of self-reflection about the last year of my life. As an avid reader, my Goodreads goal is very important to me. Throughout 2018 I did not put pressure on myself to reach a certain number. As the year was coming to a close I realized I was scarily close to 200 books. A feat I have not accomplished since 2015. So with about a week left in 2018, I buckled down and picked the shortest ten books on my TBR. I crossed the finish line the afternoon of new year’s eve. I did…